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The Brighter Idea

Big Blue is the only dive light manufacturer providing new innovations in all market segments : Recreational, Videography, Photography, Technical, Commercial, Back-Up and Rescue. Big Blue is the fastest growing dive light manufacturer in the industry building our brand through quality, creative and great customer service.

With advanced designs and unprecedented affordability, Big Blue offers the most affordable and technologically advanced LED lights on the market. We incorporate the latest technologies producing the most efficient portable illumination. In addition to brilliant design features, we offer the most ideal lights for underwater illumination, night diving and even video lighting.Whether you are looking for a simple recreational dive light or a full-blown technical underwater illumination system.

Big Blue has a light for you!

Big Blue is sold through dealers carefully selected to match our corporate mission of providing high quality products backed by professional customer services.

Big Blue is now a recognized brand that divers all over the world prefer. Today we distribute our products globally and have a broad client base including many satisfied customers in all contents.

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