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VL20000P Pro Mini

VL20000P Pro Mini


Li ion Rechargeable Battery Super Power LED Video Light 

  • 4 Levels of brightness, 1 level of brightness of Red color mode and SOS controlled by a reliable push button design. 
  • Battery level indicator built-in: Blue color / Green color / Red color / Flash Red color
  • BATCELL 18650x7 Li ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Built-in red color led enhances focusing performance
  • 24pcs XML LED to provide 20000 lumens
  • Ergonomic aluminum handle comes in a package
  • FILFLUORO 15000 Fluorodive filter for VL 20000P Pro Mini. Sold separately
  • Comes with ball joint for easy system setup
  • Comes with protective case for VL 20000P Pro Mini
  • Specifications

    Light source : 24 x XML LED + 8 x XPE Red LED
    Light output : 2000 Lm (level I), 5000 Lm (level II), 10000 Lm (level III), 20000 Lm (level IV)
    Light output ( Red color mode) : 1000 Lm
    Casing material : Aluminum alloy, Anti-corrosive anodized
    Power source : Li ion Rechargeable battery pack BATCELL 18650x7
    Angle of light beam : 160° wide beam 
    Color temperature : 6500K 
    Burn time : 2 hrs (level IV), 4 hrs (level III), 8 hrs (level II) and 20 hrs (level I)
    Maximum depth : 100 m tested
    Size : Dia. 70 x L. 136 mm
    Weight in air : 757 g (including battery)
    Buoyancy in seawater : -298 g (including battery)
    Switching system : Push button with battery indicator
    Front glass : Tempered optical glass
    Lanyard : Included

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